Spectator Rules for Kelleher Field and Caemmerer Park

Posted by Williston Park Little League on Apr 15 2021 at 09:53AM PDT in 2021 Spring Season


The 2021 Spring season begins on Saturday. There has been a lot of work done behind the scenes to get ready for this season and to make sure everyone – coaches, players and parents – have a safe experience. To ensure this, there will be rules for spectators at both Kelleher and Caemmerer Fields for all divisions and for softball and baseball. This includes pre tee and tee ball.


The bleachers on the third base side are closed to all spectators and will be used for players to help with social distancing. We ask that you as parents respect this rule and enforce it with any younger children or guests who are watching the games. There are bleachers in the outfield and plenty of room to sit if you bring a chair. The coaches have been instructed to tell anyone who is not playing in the game to leave the bleachers on the third base side.

Both dugouts are for players and coaches only. No parents, friends or siblings are allowed in the dugout at any time. When the game is over, we ask you continue to respect both rules and wait for your child outside of the third base bleachers or in the parking lot.


These rules are from the Town of North Hempstead. Failure to follow them will result in them pulling their permit for us to use both Field #1 and #2.

No one – except anyone playing or coaching in the game at hand – is allowed in the following locations:

• The bleachers behind the dugouts for both for both fields

• The dugouts for both fields

• The area behind home plate for both fields.

Again, we ask that all parents respect these rules and enforce them with any younger children and guests. There is plenty of room down the left and right field lines (in the outfield) to sit if you bring a chair. However, please do not sit directly on the foul line.

The coaches and the Board of Directors are working very hard to ensure the safety of your children, but we cannot do it without your help. So please follow the rules for both fields and as always, if your child is not feeling well or someone in your house is sick or exposed to COVID19, please keep them home from any practice and games until cleared.

Thank you.