Brianna Gallagher hits HR in Playoff round 1

Posted by Steve Gilhooly on Jun 12 2017 at 11:29AM PDT

Brianna Gallagher hit a HR Sunday, to lead Herrickā€™s Teachers over Casur in their 1st round playoff matchup.
Both teams had to overcome the extreme heat on the turf infield at Herrick Ball field. All the girls held up and played well.


2017-06-12T18:19:13-07:00June 12 2017, at 06:19 PM PDT, LAURA CARODDO said:

Great job Brianna, congratulations!

2017-06-13T04:09:35-07:00June 13 2017, at 04:09 AM PDT, Bill O'Brien said:

Congratulations Brianna!!!

2017-06-15T16:11:56-07:00June 15 2017, at 04:11 PM PDT, Terri Ann Valentino said:

Awesome! Nice to see the girls with the power hits!